Asphalt High quality bitumen 60/70. Distribution like never before. TRY OUT Sulphur Best quality of Turkmenistan Sulphur. see more



High quality Turkmenistan granular Sulphur is available

Granular in Bulk

Granular in Bulk Sulphur can be provided from Jebel Ali Port, Dubai

Half Moon

High quality of half moon Sulphur will be supplied.


Granular in Bulk Sulphur

Sulphur is one of our traditional trade from alongside ago. We are a supplier of crude and granular of Turkmenistan Sulphur for Eastern Asia countries.

We have specialized chain of supplying bitumen and Sulphur from middle east, Dubai to eastern Asia like Vietnam, Philippines and china.

In particular, we have many incentives and promotions to support units that buy in large quantities and have long-term cooperation. Coming to Daniel Vinh company, you do not need to worry about any issues such as quality, price, shipping or preservation methods.
Mr. Pham Sy Thac - CEO


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